Peoria Family of Faith Church

Welcome to the website for the Peoria Family of Faith Church.

We meet together every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. for worship and a potluck.  Please see the Location as well as a description of our Sunday Services.

We are an independent, Bible-believing church.  As a body we seek to worship and serve the Lord individually and corporately.  Several characteristics make our church unique. 
  • From the beginning, our church has emphasized home discipleship.  (Some use the term "family-integrated church.")  We do not have a Sunday school, youth group, or other programs.  Instead the Bible teaching and discipling of our children is done by the parents at home every day.  
  • All the children are together with the adults during the Sunday morning service.  In family devotion time at home, the upcoming passage can be discussed with the children to make the sermon more meaningful to them.
  • The elders of the church share the responsibilities of preaching and leading the Sunday worship services.  We do not have a paid minister or staff.  
We would be happy to have you join us for a visit.